Customized Class Plans (Video, written, or recorded)

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Whether you're a long practicing yogi or a beginner, customized (written or recorded) yoga classes can meet you where you are, right from your own home, at your own pace, and whenever is most convenient. 

After a free 30 minute consultation, I will create a completely customized class plan for you based on your yoga experience, goals, and any injuries or other physical circumstances. These can be a series of written class plans, voice recordings, or videos made just for you. 

Why do yoga? Well, why not do yoga? Everyone approaches yoga differently; I aim to create an inclusive and body positive space for you to relax, strengthen, and stretch your body to cultivate body awareness and greater confidence. 

What You'll Need:

- A computer and internet fast enough to stream or download a video (if applicable)

- A yoga mat and water bottle

- Enough space for a full range of motion in your home

- Comfortable clothing you can move freely in

What to Expect:

1. A consultation! We'll get to know each other a little and go over your health history, and your future goals.

2. Each class is made for you specially so no two will be the same, but you can expect a mixture of breathing and mindfulness practices, warm up stretches, and a series of yoga poses, ending with a final relaxation. 

See you on the mat!