One-on-one Yoga Classes (currently remote)

Why do yoga? Well, why not do yoga? Everyone approaches yoga differently; I aim to create an inclusive and body positive space for you to relax, strengthen, and stretch your body to cultivate body awareness and greater confidence. 

I am currently offering remote private yoga sessions via video call (Zoom, Skype, Google, etc). Whether you're a long practicing yogi or a beginner, private yoga sessions can meet you where you are, from your own home, and at your own pace.

There are tonnes of classes available online, but one of the things I love most about teaching yoga outside of a studio is that our practice becomes much more of a dialogue- you can ask questions and together we can find what works best for you. Does that sound good? Let's talk!

After a (free) consultation, you can start booking sessions. I will design classes for you based on your yoga experience, goals, and any injuries or other physical circumstances. 


I know it's tough out there right now. I'm offering a sliding scale between $10-65CAD depending on class length and your current financial situation. We can discuss your budget at the consultation.

What You'll Need:

- A computer and internet fast enough to do a video call

- A yoga mat and water bottle

- Enough space for a full range of motion in your home

- Comfortable clothing you can move freely in

What to Expect:

1. A consultation! We'll get to know each other a little and go over your health history, and your future goals.

2. Each yoga sequence is made for you specially so no two will be the same, but you can expect a mixture of breathing and mindfulness practices, warm up stretches, and a series of yoga poses, ending with a final relaxation. 

3. Book a consultation.

See you on the mat!